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Characteristics of Fraudulent or Criminal Activity

Security threats in cyberspace


The cryptocurrency market at this very moment has some of the highest percentage gains. The blockchain technology is Hyper secure which makes it more difficult to hack. However, developers are still in the process of advancing blockchain technology security mechanisms to become even more secure against double spending, counterfeiting and phishing attacks so it brings a level of comfort and prove to banks, consumers, and merchants that the blockchain is more secure than traditional payment systems.

It’s important to having good cyber security, but it’s especially important when you’re trading cryptocurrencies. When you advertise that you have any type of cryptocurrency for sale you are also publicly declaring that you have cryptocurrencies in your possession. This makes you an attractive target to cyber criminals if your security is not in place.

Spear phishing is one of the most common cyber-attack techniques to gain personal information through gaining access to the services or websites you use via your email or phone account. The next step is to access your financial services which is why it is very important to keep all your online accounts secure inclusive of your Liberalcoins account.