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Creating Advertisements

Creating an advertisement of Liberalcoins is a quick and easy way to attract potential buyers or sellers of our range of cryptocurrencies.


step 1.

Create an advertisement

To create an advertisement, select “Post a trade” in the menu bar. The advertisement window will appear.

Select if to create a Sell or Buy advertisement.

Next select what digital currency to sell or buy. Note that it is possible to select more than one digital currency. Each selected digital currency will create its own advertisement.


Public vs. Private advertisements

Choose if to create a public or private advertisement. Private advertisement will not be publicly displayed and can only be accessed through a link that will be generated once the advertisement has been finalised.

Select a payment method you would like to transact with. If “pay with cash” has been selected it is possible to enter address details of where you want to meet with the trader.

Available time is an optional field you can populate if you have a specific time when you want to conduct the trade.

Next is the range of local fiat currency amount you would like to trade. Ensure that your range is in line with the funds you have available for trading. You can add a fee on top of the price “Your fee in %” (for 2% put in 2). The exchange price will automatically adjust to reflect what will be price in your advertisement.

The “advertisement text” allows you to add any further necessary information to your advertisement (i.e. specifics about payments etc…)

Once all field with * have been completed select “Submit Advertisement”. Your advertisement has now been created.

Tip: You can see all your current advertisements (public and private) in your Dashboard section. If you have created a private advertisement you can find the link when selecting the respective advertisement.