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Exchanging between cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin DASH, Monero, Litecoin

At Liberalcoins we offer the option of exchanging between Bitcoin, DASH, Monero and Litecoin quick, safe and easy.


To start a cryptocurrency exchange select “Exchange” from the menu bar.



Automatic “Fast Trade”

In the exchange selection box choose which coins you would like to exchange. Make sure to check your Liberalcoins wallet that you have enough digital currency to start the trade (This can be checked either on the blue bar below the “Fast Trade” button or in the menu bar under “wallets” or “dashboard”).

In this example Trader A is looking to exchange 25 Dash. The conversion rate is automatically calculated based on the digital currency that is selected to buy. In this case he will receive 1.357 Bitcoin.

Once you have ensured you have enough funds available and you have selected the correct cryptocurrencies to exchange click the “Fast Trade button”.

Your exchange request will be automatically paired with another trader’s exchange request and executed instantly if available.


Manual Trading

Manual Trading offers the possibility to manually enter what cryptocurrency a trader wants to buy or sell. Select the cryptocurrency you want to buy or sell and enter the desired amount. Make sure your Liberalcoins is sufficiently funded to initiate the exchange.

In this example, Trader A is looking to sell 25 DASH. The field below is populated with the price per Bitcoin for one DASH.

Once the desired exchange amount has been entered select “Sell DASH” to initiate the exchange. Your exchange request will be paired with another trader’s exchange request and executed instantly if available.


Trade exchange overview

Tip: To view your current exchange requests and your exchange history scroll to the bottom of the page. In the box “Your current running trades” you will see the exchange requests that are currently active.


In the column “Exchanged you will be able to see how much of your exchange request has been fulfilled. The request will remain active until the full amount you have requested will be fulfilled.