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Liberalcoins safety overview

Safety, security and privacy is our #1 priority!


Liberalcoins protects our members by using market leading security mechanisms which guarantee safety to your account and personal information through state of the art technology and reputable security industry standards. These features make our members feel secure when trading cryptocurrencies and protects them against the possibility of any criminal activity (e.g. fraud, hacking, identity theft etc.).


How does it work? How do we protect your funds?


Liberalcoins acts as an escrow service. Once a trade is initiated the seller of the cryptocurrency transfers his funds into Liberalcoins escrow where the funds are safely locked and reserved for the transaction. Once the seller has received payment he will give us instructions to release the cryptocurrencies to the buyer. The buyer will instantly receive the coins into their Liberalcoins wallet. In case of any dispute on either side Liberalcoins support will resolve the issue with our dispute management system (link).