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Identifying scammers

Here are a few tips for identifying characteristics of scammers


Since cryptocurrencies transactions are irreversible many scammers take advantage of this by trying to con you into sending your cryptocurrency without sending payment. That’s why is extremely important never to release your cryptocurrency from escrow until you have received and confirm payment. Unfortunately, should you be scammed there is no way of getting your currency back.


  • Request verified credentials-  request the buyer to provide ID verified credentials of their Liberalcoins account and make sure to check that the user’s real name matches that of the payment information. Should you come across a suspicious user you can open a support ticket (hyperlink) and the Liberalcoins support team will help investigate the matter.


  • Protect your trade using Liberalcoins escrow service – Fraudulent buyers often suggest doing all or part of the transaction outside escrow and then do not complete their part of the transaction. We reserve the right to delete any accounts of users that connect via Liberalcoins and attempt to complete the transaction outside of Liberalcoins escrow service.


  • Confirm you have received payment before releasing cryptocurrency- Do not release your cryptocurrency until you can verify that you have received payment. You are not obligated to release a trade until you have confirmation of payment.


  • Be cautious of opening any links, files or images- If you must open a link, file or image from your trading partner use a different browser than the one you are accustom using when doing transactions.


  • Use a specific browser when trading on Liberalcoins– A specific browser should be used solely for trades on Liberalcoin. Use a different browser when perusing other websites.


  • Bookmark Liberalcoins in your browser – Bookmark in your browser and make sure to use the bookmark whenever you visit the website. This protects you from visiting phishing websites that are very similar in nature. Even the best trades have fallen victim to phishing websites.


  • Alert Liberalcoins of any suspicious user activity –  If you detect any suspicious activity of any Liberalcoins members please contact our helpdesk (hyperlink) for assistance.