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Payment Risk Level Characteristics

Definition of Payment risk levels

Important: These risk levels apply only when you are trading cryptocurrencies online as the risk comes from accepting payments that can later be charged back. When you are buying cryptocurrencies, you are completely protected by escrow as long as you have proof of payment.


Payment Method Feature

Risk level


Irreversible or Almost Irreversible Low It is safe to use
Reversible but occasional fraudulent activity Medium Requires verification and identification such as account history, reputation, ID etc. Limits should be set for first time buyers.
Proceed with caution as payments can be reversed weeks or months after the trade. The payment provider can lock your account without authorization after receiving payment for your cryptocurrency. There have been several cases of fraud or problems with trades. High This requires a very high reputation and an extensive account history. It’s important to use trusted listings. Check the buyer’s ID and set very low first time buyer limits.
Liberalcoins has no proven history that this type of payment is a legitimate or can be trusted. Unknown