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Safe trading service features

Know who you are trading with by reputation!


Our service allows traders to be rated after each transaction. When clicking on a trader’s profile name; the reputation score, public trading history and prior feedback from users can be seen. Frequent traders with a high feedback and reputation score can be regarded as an established party.


Google Authenticator or Email Authenticator


Liberalcoins gives traders the option of securing their account by creating an additional numerical code that must be entered when logging into your account. This security method is popularly used within internet banking and must be used in combination with the Google authenticator app.

A further option is to enable the Email authenticator. By activating this feature, you will require a one-time password every time you log in. The one-time password will be sent to you via E-Mail at every log in attempt.

Please be aware that you cannot use Google Authenticator and E-Mail Authentication at the same time. Google Authenticator will be deactivated if you activate E-Mail Authentication.

We highly recommend that you have one of either authenticator enabled. You can find instructions on how to enable either one in your Account Settings.


Email log in confirmation


Liberalcoins notifies their users via email every time a log in occurs. This assists in alerting users should any unauthorised persons log into the account.