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Safety and Privacy

What does Liberalcoins do to protect my privacy?

Privacy of our users is our top priority as it goes hand in hand with the concept of cryptocurrencies.

What sets us apart from most of our competitors is that we don not use any KYC methods and tools on our homepage. We do not use google analytics, tracking or social media pixels in order to protect the privacy of our users. We only use self-hosted Piwik for basic website analytics in order to improve our service. No data is given to Google and no profile is generated for advertisements.

Our corporate infrastructure has been designed to offer our users maximum privacy by registering our business in the British Virgin Islands as well as having our servers located on the Isle of Man, which boasts top data protection legislation.


How can I secure my account?

We advise to secure your Liberalcoins with 2 factor authentication or email authentication. On how to set this up and further security tips and guidelines please refer to our safe trading guide (link) for more detailed information.


How secure are cryptocurrencies?

Despite being unregulated, cryptocurrency transactions are highly secure as a consequence of the networking architecture it flows through. Although there have been hackings of bitcoin exchanges in the past, the subsequent measures that have been taken to prevent any future threat have been substantial.

As everything is encrypted and the identities of Bitcoin users are anonymous, it would seem that Bitcoin exchanges are the only weak link in the entire setup. There are however cryptocurrency exchanges that have never been hacked and pride themselves on the protection of their customers and their digital assets.

At Liberalcoins it is our highest priority to create a private and secure trading environment. On how to make the most of our security features, please follow our safe trading guide (link) for more detailed information.


How does the trader rating system work?

Please refer to our buying digital currencies guidelines (link) for more detailed information.


How can I protect myself from being scammed?

Please refer to our safe trading guide (link) for more detailed information.


How secure are my Liberalcoins wallets?

The security of your Liberalcoins wallets is mostly in your own hands. Our servers are extremely well guarded and located on the Isle of Man which has some of the strictest privacy laws. Our website is also validated by Symatec Norton and we have frequent and regular security checks by 3rd party providers.

2-factor extra protections can be enabled in the settings for your account and is highly recommended. We currently support Google Authenticator, and email Authenticator.

Please be aware of phishing websites. Always make sure you are on before entering in any account details. We will NEVER ask for your account details such as username or password in any way, not over email or chat. We will also never ask you to send bitcoin or account details. Never send bitcoin or account details to anyone! It is up to you to protect your account. We can unfortunately not control phishing websites and urge you to be vigilant at all times.


How do you manage disputes between traders?

There can be various reasons to start a dispute for a transaction. It may be because of the unresponsiveness of a trading party, criminal activities or just a simple difference in opinion.

We use industry best practises to resolve any disputes that result out of trading activity on our website. Our dispute process is centred around assisting traders in finding a consensus between each other.


How our dispute system works:

Traders have two different ways to start a dispute.

Click the dispute button that appears once the transaction is confirmed as seen below…

The disputed transaction will be forwarded to Liberalcoins support staff. We will get in contact with both parties and attempt to settle the dispute.

Write a ticket on our support page

At the bottom of our homepage go to “Useful Links” and “FAQ/SUPPORT”. One the following page you will be able to create a support ticket.

Liberalcoins will inspect all evidence, transactions details and chats in order to reconcile the parties and close the dispute.

In cases where a consensus cannot be reached Liberalcoins reserves the right as outlined in the terms and conditions, to act on behalf of the claimant, provided clear and undeniable proof has been submitted.

If a dispute cannot be resolved and no clear evidence can be provided the parties will be advised on what steps to further take in order to settle the dispute.