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Selling Bitcoin, Dash Monero or Litecoin

step. 1

Register or log in

Register your account on for free. Once registered you will have free and secure wallets for all your cryptocurrencies that are traded on Liberalcoins.



Search for buyers

Go to the “Home” tab and select which digital currency you would like to sell. The selected cryptocurrency will be highlighted in dark blue.  Enter the payment method you would like to be paid with.

Tip: If you are not sure which electronic payment method you would accept select “All electronic payments” from the drop down list.


Note that for “Cash” payments you can enter street and city into the search field. For electronic payment methods enter the country where you are searching for cryptocurrency buyers.

The currency will always be denominated in the country where you would like to sell the cryptocurrency. Enter the amount of fiat currency you would like to trade for (this field is optional and can be left blank).

Caution: Some payment methods are potentially high risk. Cryptocurrency transactions are completely irreversible. Once you sell your digital currency it’s not possible to recover them, even if the buyers’ payment is reversed.


We recommend you sell with a low risk payment method to experienced users with a high amount of previous trades and excellent trading and feedback record. Please refer to our safe trading guide(link)  to learn about the risk level of the different payment methods.


Step 3.

Pick an offer to start a trade

From the returned search results preferably pick a trader that has a high user rating and has received excellent feedback.

Search results will list the buyers (select user name to get further information about the seller reputation and history).

Price per coin – states the exchange rate the buyer is selling their bitcoin

User rating – how buyer has been rated in previous transactions

Payment method  – lists the preferred payment method of the buyer (to find out more about the different payment methods view our safe trading guide(link)

To start the trade select “Start a trade”

If the search does not return any results change your search criteria or create a new advertisement to attract potential buyers. To create a new advertisement, follow our advertisement guide(link).


step 4.

Initiating a trade

Once “Start a trade” is selected you will see further details about the advertisement and the buyer.

Note the minimum and maximum amount the trader is willing to spend. The amount of Bitcoin you want to sell will have to be within this range.

Also be aware to any additional information the seller has communicated in “Advertisement information text”.

When you have agreed to all the requirements of the advertisement, enter either the amount of digital currency or fiat currency at the bottom of the page in “Start a trade” and select “Trade Bitcoin (or DASH, Monero, Litecoin)” (remember this has to be within the range the buyer is offering).

This will initiate the trade and the buyer will be notified of your request.

Important: Your digital currency will have to be in your Liberalcoins wallet in order to initiate the trade. For a guide on how to transfer your digital currency into Liberalcoins wallets check “Transferring funds in and out”(link).


Please note that at the bottom of the page the “system fee” of the trade will be displayed. This will only be applied to the seller of the digital currency not the buyer.

The fee will be included in the amount of digital currency you will be selling. However, the miners fee will be added additionally. Make sure that you have enough funds in your wallet to cover the transaction.

Once you initiate the trade by selecting “Trade Bitcoin” you will be taken to the “Transaction Status screen” waiting for the buyer to accept your request.


step 5.

Buyer accepts the trade request

When the buyer accepts your request your digital currency will go into Liberalcoins escrow and be held there safely.

The buyer will request via the chat window (or other agreed means of communication) your payment details (your bank account information, Paypal, Western Union…etc.).

Once you have provided the payment details, the buyer will confirm that the payment has been made.

Important: Make sure that you have received the money before releasing the digital currency. Never release your digital currency before you are 100% sure that you have received payment.


You can release the digital currency by entering your password and selecting “Release Funds”. The digital currency will be released immediately from Liberalcoins escrow into the buyers’ wallet.

Your trade is complete please provide a user rating of your experience with the buyer.


step 6.

Buyer requests a trade

When a buyer responds to one of your advertisements you will be notified via the Liberalcoins mail system as well as per email.

In your inbox select the new message which will take you straight to the requested transaction. After reviewing the buyers rating and credentials you can confirm the trade request by “Confirm Transaction”.

You will also be able to contact the buyer via the chat window on the Transaction screen.

Once you have confirmed the transaction your digital currency will go into Liberalcoins escrow.

Send the buyer your payment details depending on the payment method chosen via the chat window. Once you have confirmed yourself that you have received the payment.

On the “Transaction Status” window you can now release the digital currency. Enter your Password to confirm and select “Release funds”.

Important: Do not release the digital currency until you are 100% sure that you have received payment. Once the digital currency has been released from escrow they are not recoverable.


The transaction has now been completed.

Please scroll to the bottom and leave a feedback for the transaction.