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Tips to protect against fraudulent activity

Here are a few tips how to protect yourself against fraudulent or criminal activity when trading cryptocurrency Over the Counter (OTC) or Face to Face.

This is the easiest option and saves you the many bank hassles, document verification and fees.  Liberalcoins provides the platform which you interface with reputable buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies so that you can transact your trade OTC or Face to Face.


  • Meet within crowded public areas – If you are trading with a person face to face it is recommended to do so in a crowded area like a caf√© or similar. Thousands of transactions by this method are done daily however, there have also been incidents where persons were threatened or even held at gunpoint during a transaction.


  • Have internet access to your Liberalcoins wallet – Make sure to take all the necessary security precautions when carrying large amounts of cash. Bear in mind that you should also have access to your Liberalcoins wallet when meeting face to face such as your smartphone, tablet etc.


  • Negotiate beforehand – Make sure price negotiations are done and agreed upon prior to meeting in person.


  • Don’t rush – Real customers have patience. If a customer is hurrying or in a rush to trade be suspicious of fraudulent or criminal activity.


  • Know the laws of your location – It is important to check if such trades are legally allowed in your local area.