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Tips to protect your Liberalcoins account

Here are a few tips to keep your account protected from any fraudulent or criminal activity via the Internet:


  • Enable your Login Guard –  this protects your account from unauthorized logins without an email verification. This can be activated in the security settings (hyperlink here) section.


  • Enable Two- Factor Authentication – This is a second layer of security protection in case your Liberalcoins password/codes falls into the wrong hands. Your passwords/codes should be stored by writing them down and storing them safely. Refrain from storing your backup passwords/codes electronically. This can be enable in the security settings (hyperlink)


  • Have an email address specifically for Liberalcoins – The email should be solely for your Liberalcoins account and should not be given out especially if you are a seller of cryptocurrencies. A different email account should be use for customer correspondences. Look for a email service that offers a two- factor authentication security protection for your email account.


  • Take precautions of any links, files or images sent from unknown sources – Be very cautious of any links, files or images potential customers or unknown persons may send you to access as it may be an attempt to phish or infect your device with a virus or malware. Make sure to secure your device (computer, tablet, smartphone etc.) with an antivirus application and run periodic checks.


  • Educating yourself about cyber security is key Knowing how to protect yourself against cyber-attacks and fraud is your best defense. Learning through various accredited media outlets, books or social platforms is a good way to do this.


  • Verification of buyer and seller – Both parties have the option of validating their phone and email address with Liberalcoins. Additional verification can be arranged between the trading parties privately.


  • Reversible Payments – Most of online payment methods are reversible. The payment provider can take back a payment even after it has arrived in your account. For example, PayPal payments are reversible up to 180 days.

In many countries, online banking is not protected by two-factor authentication. This means that whoever gains the control of user computer, using malware or otherwise hijacked computer, can do unauthorized bank transfers. This is an issue for SWIFT, SEPA and wire transfers. Receiving money from a stolen source may lead to freezing your bank accounts for the duration of criminal investigation. The way to mitigate this risk is to check that the buyer id matches the sender bank account name.