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Transferring cryptocurrencies in and out of your Liberalcoins wallet

Transferring your cryptocurrency in and out of Liberalcoins wallets can be done in a few easy steps.


Your Wallets

Go to the “User Terminal” section in the menu bar and select “Wallet”.


Depositing digital currency in your Liberalcoins wallet

Scroll down to the “Your Wallet” section

In the left box under “Latest wallet addresses” you will see your individual cryptocurrency wallets. Select the button “Use a new … address” to create your wallet address. Note you can also click on the created address to reveal the QR code.

This address can be used on any outside wallet or service to transfer your digital currency into the Liberalcoins wallet.

Please pay special attention to your Monero address and follow instructions on the screen.

Tip: If you would like to generate a new wallet address scroll down to “Get a new deposit address” and select the new wallet address you would like to create.



Withdrawing cryptocurrency from your Liberalcoins wallets

To withdraw any funds from your Liberalcoins wallet to transfer out, go to the right box in the “Your Wallet” section.

Select the currency you want to transfer out.

Enter the amount, wallet address and your password. (note that your balance can be seen at then top of the page under “Your Balance”; the wallet address will have to be retrieved from the outside source you want to send the funds to).

Select “Transfer currency”.


Viewing your transaction and history

In order to see if your transfer requests are in progress or have been completed scroll down to the “Your trade and wallet history”. Here you can view your deposit and withdraw history as well as all your Activities.

The progress of your transactions can be viewed in the “credited” column.

Note that depending on what digital currency is transferred processing times may vary and are subject to when transactions are entered onto the respective Blockchain.